- Site-83: Roleplay - 


Turns out the builder was scamming us with the build we commissioned them to do. While they claimed that it was being custom made, it turns out that they had ripped off a site made 3.5 years ago using a program such as SynapseX. 

The builder repeatedly said that they were working on the site and they were making good progress on the site. However myself and other members of our development team grew skeptical quite quickly upon reviewing the final version of the site. There was another site name plastered all over the place "ACRF-93". After a deep dive into this site name, our administrative team found the original site and it's creator. After showing the original creator pictures of the site, it was quickly confirmed that the site WAS indeed stolen. 

What does this mean for the development timetable?

Given that this entire time waiting for the build was wasted, the timetable has been reset for the project. While the morphs are almost done, ( Credit to @mrcurryman212 )and while the foundational scripting is done, we now still have to complete the entire build. So now we're looking at another 3-6 months to commission another builder, and have them complete the project.


Site-83 is a work in progress. Release Date estimated around 05/15/24.


Owner: Operator_Spider

Development Administration: xVoid_xyz

Lead Developer(s): N/A

Senior Developer(s): N/A

Developer(s): MrCurryMan212, Ros_Graham

Site Completion:

Snapshot 1.0: Starting Development On The Loading Screen

Snapshot 1.1: Starting Development On The Menu

Snapshot 1.2: Security Features and Ban Appeals

Ban appeals work as following:

Snapshot 1.3: UI Updates

Snapshot 1.4: Morph Updates







Snapshot 1.5: Nu7 Morphs