Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains Frequently asked questions related to our group and game.

Question: How do appeal a game ban?

Answer: You can appeal a ban by accessing Site-83 and completing the ban appeal form in the appeal center upon teleportation. However, if your ban is classified as 'unappealable,' you will not have the option to challenge or appeal your ban through this process.

Question: How do appeal a discord ban?

Answer: You can appeal a discord ban by joining the appeal server and opening an appeal ticket.(

Question: How do appeal an unappealable ban?

Answer: Bans designated as 'unappealable' cannot be directly contested. However, every six months, these bans are subject to review by the group's administration. During the review, there is an opportunity for the ban to be overturned, particularly if there have been changes in the rules.

Question: Who do I DM if I have a question?

Answer: Initiate a modmail ticket by directly messaging the SCP-079 Bot. High-ranking individuals such as The Administrator or Spider prefer not to receive direct messages from unknown users, so please use the official channels for communication.

Question: How do I get XP?

Answer: Members earn experience points (XP) based on their playtime and the number of tasks they complete in the game. Group members receive an additional 20% XP bonus. Furthermore, players who purchase the O5 gamepass are entitled to an extra 50% XP. These bonuses can be combined for a maximum total increase of 70% additional XP.

Question: How do I Join a department?

Answer: Members have two options for joining a department: they can either purchase the relevant gamepass or they can earn the position by accumulating enough XP.

Question: How do I make a game suggestion?

Answer: You are welcome to submit your game suggestions in our dedicated 'suggestions' channel. (here)

Question: How do I report a bug/issue I found with the game?

Answer: Please submit any bug reports in our designated 'bug report' channel. (here)

Question: How do I verify my account in the discord?

Answer: To verify your account, use the /verify command with Rowifi. Joining the Roblox group is not necessary for verification, but it is required if you wish to chat in the Discord